A #circuskid Story...

A #circuskid Story...
When I was a kid my parents were in the circus, so we lived out of a car and motels.  My parents made me pack and carry my own luggage, which taught me how to pack pretty light. It also taught me how to pack lean and effective, which is an art form in itself.  My parents always packed quality of life items like a cooler with basic food items and a hotplate.  We also traveled with my Smurf roller skates and Radio Flyer trike so I could get my energy out and handle long days in the car.  

(Me on my Radio Flyer at a truck stop somewhere in America.)

Today I still pack smart, but it's not always light and I'm featuring that on The Biz of Show's Instagram this week!  For my upcoming regional job I negotiated to bring my 85 pound rescue pitbull, #ThomasTibor on the contract, so I'll also be talking travel with a pet.  I always pack my own kitchen, so I will be showing you what I pack, how and why.  Join us on Instagram!

April 24 - 26, The Biz of Show's Jackey Good will be taking over our Istagram to talk about packing for a cruise ship.  Jackey came to The Biz of Show burnt out and frustrated by the hustle (Spoiler: The hustle is BULLSHIT!). We worked on aligning what kind of career and life Jackey wanted and since, she's scored her union card and just got off Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas where she was Jellylorum in Cats, The Musical.

(Photo politely stolen off Jackey's awesome Instagram.)


Don't forget about our monthly GIVEAWAY!  The FREE Regional Theatre Packing List! Get it now, because it disappears at the end of the month! And Tara Lynn Steele's Regional Theatre Packing Takeover is archived on our Instagram, so get check it out!

Fun fact about traveling as a #circuskid: When I was a kid on the road I had a LOT of energy, which made traveling long days hard.  I remember being at truck stops where my parents would find a big area I could run back and forth in to tire me out.  My dad would stand at one end, my mother at the other, and they would have me run back and forth between them till I was so tired I was falling down and crying.  Then, back in the car we'd go to set off for the next leg of the trip.  This was always a fun activity, and needed activity.

Have a great few weeks everyone!

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