Let me guess.  You just broke into a cold sweat and your anxiety just peaked.  You want to scream, meltdown and close this tab.

STOP. We got this.

Let me introduce the awesome Collin O'Conor AKA The Not So Starving Artist who's taking over The Biz of Shows Instagram July 2nd - 7th to talk all things FINANCES in a way everyone can understand.  Lets turn your fear into DOLLARS with his GIVEAWAY (details below). 

Collin is an NYC based actor who created The Not So Starving Artist after seeing a lack of financial education in the artist community. After pursuing his own financial journey, this badass was able to pay his union initiation fee within a few months and knew he was onto something that needed to be shared. He wished for a second opinion and a sense of community when he started investing and hopes to provide that for others in the future. You’ll be able to budget, invest, and grow your money according to your comfort level!

and now....


A FREE 20 minute consultation/money midst talk with Collin and PDF.  All you have to do is email: [email protected] 




Coach MelRob has a few slots open starting at the end of July! If you would like to get more callbacks, book more work and learn how to negotiate your own contract, sign up for a FREE 15 minute session to see if we are a good fit!

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