Find The Fun with Tara Tags!

Meet Tara Tag the Coach, (Communities: Wander Women (women’s circle monthly gatherings) BYOSong (a happy hour style song class for pro actors to wine and shine their rep)) who's taking over The Biz of Shows Instagram June 17th - 22nd where she will be telling YOU how she finds in the fun.

Tara Tagliaferro is a globetrotting AEA actor, community blazer, and fairie godmomma style coach for the songs in your book and the soul in your body. A Jersey Italian with her 1st theatrical home base in Philadelphia, Tara is now a Queens newlywed performing Off Broadway in the critically acclaimed immersive children’s theatre experience PIP’S ISLAND (think Willy Wonka meets mini Jedis meets Neverland landscape meets kid appropriate SLEEP NO MORE!), hosting women’s circles with her sisterhood the Wander Women, and raising plastic wine glasses in BYOSong, a happy hour style rep prep space with her partner on the keys Owen Pelesh. Tara actively works to alleviate anxiety’s sting from artistic expression in herself, her clients, and her community members. Afterall, we are stronger together 🗽✊🏼@taratagtickles

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