No more shame.

This month The Biz of Show is taking the shame OUT of parallel income for Actors.  Let's get real.  We ALL have parallel income streams.  YET we all have the shame of it.  We all DO the shame game.  If we all have it, why are we shaming ourselves about it and dragging ass feeling "less than".  NO.MORE.

We all NEED money to live our best lives as an actor; to pay our bills, take the classes, AND the vacations.  There is everything RIGHT about a vacation or a coffee out with a friend.  It keeps us sane, restored and well rounded.  So starting NOW we as a community are saying: NO MORE with the shame of parallel income or careers.

There is everything RIGHT about making money, liking money and speeding your money on what's important to you.  You need it.  You can't survive without money.  So just own that, live in that truth and watch your mental and physical health, career, mindset, confidence and bank account soar.

May 6th - 11th the brilliant Lili Torre is taking over The Biz of Shows' Instagram. Lili is an NYC-based theatre maker and the host of the podcast The Dreaded Question, which asks every artist’s least favorite question, “So, what are you up to?”, and unpacks the different ways these artists find fulfillment inside and outside of their artistic field through parallel careers and passions.  She believes that at a time when empathy is more necessary than ever, theatre is an incredibly powerful art form that allows people the opportunity to connect to their most human selves. As an actor, she has toured the UK and China with Madagascar, Live! and has worked regionally in shows such as Les Mis (Eponine), A Chorus Line (Maggie), and …Spelling Bee (Olive). As a director, she’s worked on productions of Madagascar: A Musical Adventure, Jr., June B. Jones, The Musical, and Shrek, Jr. 

PS Our monthly giveaway will be happening later in the month of May!  Stay tuned!

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