No more shame AND a GIVEAWAY!

This month The Biz of Show is all about taking the shame OUT of parallel careers and income.  (Especially on our Instagram!)

Lets take a moment to check out a few student successes that have EVERYTHING to do with healthy parallel careers, incomes and mindset.

  • Student has upped their parallel careers and they have paid down almost $5,000 and have paid off medical bills in about 6 months.
  • Student has 2 grand in savings from their parallel career.  This is a first for them, and NOT the last!
  • Student upped their parallel career game and got a new client!
  • Student bought a car outright from their cruise ship savings.
  • Student had their last temping shift and job before moving to Orlando to work at DisneyWorld!

We would love to have you join us in these successes!  Try and FREE 15 minute session with Coach MelRob.

These sort of awesome things are available to EVERYONE who's willing to let go of the shame and run straight into the empowerment parallel careers and income can bring.  

Right now Lili Torre from The Dreaded Question Podcast is taking over our Instagram and unpacking the shame associated with parallel incomes and careers and how to overcome that.

and now...


On May 20th Coach MelRob will be giving away a FREE 50 minute session with The Biz of Show to 1 of our Instagram followers.  Do you follow us? How about now?

Wishing you all the best!

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