It’s no secret that COVID changed the world, worker and the theatre industry.  

In the last year almost every client of The Biz of Show has become financially stable, has increased callbacks, and booked at least 1 job by the end of the program.  

Hi!  I'm MelRob.

The Biz of Show came about because I grew up in the circus. In the circus you learn just as much about the biz side of the industry as you do the artistic side.  

Since the age of 10 I started putting together, advertising, booking, and negotiating my own contracts.  I booked my first union job at 18, my first New York audition and have been working constantly without representation.  Since COVID I have been offered over 8 contracts in theatre that I booked all on my own.

The Biz of Show teaches other actors how to get more callbacks, book more work, negotiate your own contract and much, much more!

Free 15 minute session!

You have the talent, learn what to do with it. All slots are full. We will have more slots opening up in October 2022.

"The Biz of Show taught ME that my personal life is just as important to my art and my goals. "


"Trusting myself was something I struggled with. Really knowing and seeing that I am enough and totally capable of handling not only this career but also my life in general. Also the realization that some weeks I was gonna be really on my shit and some weeks I wasn’t and that that was ok. To not beat myself up about it but to know that that was where I was and tomorrow would be better."


"The year before working with the Biz of Show I had zero callbacks. In the past month alone I've had 5 callbacks and booked a show. "


"It was mindset and technical work that helped me come out a confident and prepared actor in audition room after audition room."


"I really loved all the type work we did. It’s come in really handy and it makes me so much more concise when I see auditions pop up."


"I can say that I feel my finances are far more in order than they were before I started the program. My confidence in myself and my abilities has also been reaffirmed, especially noticing this in the audition room specifically."


"The Biz of Show truly helped me understand and verify where I fit in within the different worlds of theatre. I can genuinely now say that I understand my type and have the ability to better choose which shows I spend my time preparing/submitting/auditioning for."


"I started booking and was fortunate to be in the right place with the right stuff at the right time and booked a recurring role on a TV series."


"Something I struggled with was being truthful with myself about how much money I was spending. I would convince myself it wasn't as much as it clearly was. Once I got real with myself about that I was able to see that I really needed to make some changes. Now I am able to live comfortably and genuinely love both of my parallel income jobs. "


"I grew in that I want more for myself now, in life and when I'm on a contract. I have a very clear understanding of what it means to have my needs met and that I can change things that don't line up with me. "


"Quite simply, the Biz of Show changed the course of my career."


"I’ve become financially stable in my parallel career!"


"Within my first year, I've gotten my card, as well as three really nice gigs on Principal contracts."


"I learned I didn’t have to have anxiety every time I go on an audition."


"The Biz of Show helped me grow by realizing that my artistic life and personal life can compliment each other and that it doesn’t ever have to be either/or. It gave me a sense of peace to realize that “Hey. I’m allowed to have a family and to have this stage of life. It doesn’t mean I’m less of an artist or that I’m less committed to doing good work. I don’t have to be obsessive or rush into a performing career. I’m not missing anything. It will be there when I’m ready.” For some reason I’ve always felt like you have to obsessed with performing and have no other goals or interests if you want a career in it. So, this realization was unexpected AND I feel like promoted so much growth because I don’t have such a limiting mindset. "


"It helped me be less tortured about my process. I got the tools to work smarter not harder and avoid the burnout I was headed for. "


"The most unexpected thing and the biggest thing I got out of the program was the bottom line and getting my finances in order. Before our work together I relied on acting work and was kinda fucked when it didn't come through, which was the whole pandemic especially after unemployment ended. So that wasn't something I expected from a show biz course and that was life-changing."


"Helped me make decisions based on my career through stats and worksheets where things feel tangible and there’s a plan for everything! I think it put me in more control over my career because now I am not wasting my time submitting for absolutely everything. I wait for the things that for my criteria and if there’s not much (like this year) I have space to focus on other things that benefit my life such as my parallel career and travel. "


"The Biz of Show gave me way more confidence in general. I feel like a more well rounded artist, but mostly I trust myself and my instincts more in my craft and in my daily life. The Biz of Show helped me remember there is a lot about my craft that I know and to trust that. It also helped me beginning to navigate the business side of it. This side always freaked me out and it should me that it doesn’t have to be the big scary monster I make it out to be. "


"The most unexpected thing it taught me would have to be that crop rotation is SO helpful and not only that... but it is 100 percent necessary. By focusing on one portion of your life at a time you're actually able to make real changes for the better. An added plus is that it also creates inspiration as an artist because you can allow yourself to step back and sort of view things in a bigger picture, in turn helping you make sense of everything."


"An unexpected discovery would be that really don't need a ton of audition materials... aka songs in my rep, etc. I have my songs and they work. They won't always work, but now I have the tools to figure out when it will be time to cycle those out and bring new ones in. (same with audition clothing)"


"something about the parallel careers discussion really lit a fire under my butt and changed my control of my business and my money. Also, I got a lot more callbacks while going through the program and I think that's because we were getting really specific. "


"I feel a lot better about my plan in terms of what to audition and submit for and also securing my boundaries in terms of the kind of work I want to do. "


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