Hi!  I'm MelRob.

The Biz of Show came about because I grew up in the circus. In the circus you learn just as much about the biz side of the industry as you do the artistic side.  

Since the age of 10 I started putting together, advertising, booking, and negotiating my own contracts.  I booked my first union job at 18, my first New York audition and have been working constantly without representation. 

The Biz of Show teaches other actors how to get more callbacks, book more work, negotiate your own contract and much, much more!

Free 15 minute session!

"The Biz of Show taught ME that my personal life is just as important to my art and my goals. "

Din Griffin

"It was mindset and technical work that helped me come out a confident and prepared actor in audition room after audition room."

Mairys Joaquin

"I started booking and was fortunate to be in the right place with the right stuff at the right time and booked a recurring role on a TV series."

Suzan Perry

"Quite simply, the Biz of Show changed the course of my career."

Samantha Rosentrater

"Within my first year, I've gotten my card, as well as three really nice gigs on Principal contracts."

Chuck Caruso

"I learned I didn’t have to have anxiety every time I go on an audition."

Madison Moran

Get more callbacks and book more acting work WITHOUT representation!

Over 100 jobs booked in a year by students in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014!



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