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Creator, Coach

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MelRob was born into the circus and constantly works as an actor. She started putting together, advertising, booking, and negotiating her own contracts for her one woman show at age ten, complete with self facilitated costume changes.

MelRob booked her first NYC audition, been a working union actor for over 18 years. She books ALL of her work through EPAs and ECCs because she doesn't have representation. MelRob lives in Peekskill, NY on an organic farm with her husband, and 2 rescue pitbulls. 

The Biz of Show came about from her circus family, where there is a systematic way to run your biz.  In 2012 MelRob was elected the Eastern Vice President of Actors Equity.  In 2017 and 2018 she was elected 1st National Vice President of Actors Equity.

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