Hi!  I'm MelRob

I grew up in the circus and have been a professional union actor since 2000.  Starting at the age of 10 I was negotiating my own contract and booking work without representation.  I have helped hundreds of actors get more callbacks, book more work and negotiate their own contracts.  I have taught at various universities and would love to help you book more work!


Start feeling GOOD about your acting career!

What it is:

An affordable yet effective way to keep up with your training, find your inner badass and kick the shit out of your acting career without representation.


What you get:

  • A total of 52, weekly videos built from a topic that YOU submit! (That breaks down to $4.62 cents a week!)
  • Daily accountability.
  • A community of support whenever you need it.
  • The chance to book a one on one session with Coach MelRob whenever you need it! (Currently not available anywhere else!)

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