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Hey friends.

Lately my inbox has been filling up quickly with folks who are hearing from their representatives about how right now, DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC, we should really take this time to up your game and stay in shape for auditions to come.

These folks aren't checking in with you.  The human, DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC, to see how you are doing.  If you are OK.  If you need anything.  They are most worried about you the actor and not you the human....That concerns me.  That also leads to actors/humans feeling like trash because they aren't in the headspace to do ANYTHING.

I’ll talk from my personal experience.  4 years ago I lost my parents (who weren’t together for most my life) in less than 2 years from each other.  My dad first, unexpectedly.  My mom second after a very ugly battle with cancer.  I didn’t tell ANYONE but I took over a year off from show biz.  No one noticed.  NO ONE NOTICED....

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control in a time of chaos

Hey friends.  

I posted this on our Instagram yesterday but I wanted to make sure you got this tool I learned in therapy that is super helpful.

Right now there is so much unknown and that induces anxiety.  So lets write down what we CAN control.  Here is an example.

For me.  I can control - my physical health, mental health and my spending habits.

Break each one down in how that is controlled.

Physical health - Moving my body every day, eating good food.  I KNOW that will make me feel better and keep my immune system strong.  I have control and I know that.  Only I can make that happen.  Now I make those things happen because that's the control I have.

Mental health - Meditation, stretching my body, having long periods of time where I don't listen to news or am on social media.  I have control and know that.  Only I can make this happen.  Now I make those things happen because that's the control I have.

Spending habits -...

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listen up

All of the events the last few days are JUST like the 2008 crash.  We have lived through this before and we are now living in again.  We are all panicked about what's to come but here is the secret.  We can only get through this together.


I want to talk about resources tho!

1) The Actors Fund

2) Stop spending money.  Save everything you have right now.  We don't know what the future of work holds, especially if you're parallel income comes from events.

And now I will talk out of the other side of my mouth.....

3) If you have some liquid cash to burn. INVEST!

4) If you income stream field is drying up, start looking for other sources of income in a different field.  There are A TON of remote, work from home (AKA laptop warrior) jobs right now.  Especially with the census and remote work.  Actors are resilient AF.  Use your acting skills to step into another field (HI! We...

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join us

audition season free Mar 09, 2020

Hey folks!

I start rehearsals in a few weeks for a LONG job.  This means that my one on one coaching slots will be very limited BUT I'd love to have you join The Biz of Show!

There are many ways to do this:

We'd love to help you get more callbacks, book more work, negotiate your own contract and help you find your parallel career.

Love and light,
Coach MelRob

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plan it out

Recently I was sitting at an audition and I overheard 2 women debating what they were going to sing and what cut to sing.  Folks...

For every audition and every season, you need a plan.

Flying by the seat of your pants doesn't work well.  What we need to do is have a plan the moment that audition gets put onto the calendar.  We need to know the property, the writers, the team, the employer and choose accordingly from there how we are going to chase after this precious job we know we are right for.

When I look at audition notices I legit take the time right there to research all there is to know about the audition I'm thinking about attending and I mark in my calendar what material I'm doing and how style of clothing/hair/make up I need.  This helps get rid of the self negotiating self sabotage and clears up my bandwidth in my brain.  

Thanks to that work that I put in I'm able to go focus on the audition itself and I HONESTLY think this is one of the...

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2. done.

Month 2 is DONE! 

And guess what.  Audition season isn't even 1/2 way over yet!

Here is the deal.  Right now, nab our free Audition Tracking Workbook and our free Weekly Check In and go do those RIGHT NOW. 

These tools will give you hard and fast data as to what is working, what is not AND if nothing is happening, start changing your tactics so you can get more callbacks and book more work.  Much of the info is right there in those free offers.

Of course, if you need one on one help I'm totally here for you.

You so go this!  Rooting for you,
Coach MelRob


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sorry for winning....

Today I want to talk about #winning

Winning is simple.  It's overcoming a challenge.  Winning can simply be - getting out of bed. - taking a shower. - smiling. - eating your vegetables. - being kind to you.  If that's your truth of today, GOOD ON YOU!

We have all been taught that the hustle and #winning is the way to go and if we aren't hustling 24/7 and winning all the time then we are failures.  Or worst, LAZY.  To that I say - NO THANX.

What IF we took our wins and took them at face value.  My win this weekend was sleeping in and wearing PJs for 1/2 the day.  Sure, it's not as sexy as booking something but damn felt SO GOOD to just BE and not be sorry for it.

"I booked this thing but....*excuses galore*"
When I hear this gem it always circles back into "...But I'm super proud I booked something!"  Can we just take that for a win and call it a day and NOT justify why other people are going to shit on your dream and...

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Hey friends.

The text below has been a normal the past few weeks.  But last week was an all time high in receiving notes like this from students and friends.

Don't know about you but Friday my anxiety was HIGH.  All my normal tools and tricks helped but it was still ever present.  So Sunday I took an ENTIRE DAY to myself.  I didn't turn on the news once (and I'm a BIG news junkie) and here is what I DID do:

 sleep in 
 did a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle 
 restorative yoga 
 watched a LOT of HGTV 
 drank a LOT of water 
 ate comfort food without feeling guilt 
 cuddled with my dogs 
 put my phone on do not disturb and talked to NO ONE 
 didn’t leave my house 
 wore my PJs all day 
gave myself a facial 
 did my nails 

I NEEDED this.  And today I feel so much better, refreshed and ready to move forward!  Is there any way you can...

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1 month DONE.

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2020

We are done with month 1 of audition season 2020 and I'm hearing how burnt out folks are.  Look we all hear this.... but it's TRUE....  An acting career is all about the long game.  Since auditioning is very much the life of an actor, it's helpful to enjoy auditioning and audition season.  It just makes life sweeter and easier.  So if you're burnt, please take a step back and reassess why and how you got to be burnt.  (See questions below.)

Another thing I am hearing people very frustrated that they got callbacks or got into new rooms they have never been in before and weren't booking.  That's NORMAL.  You don't become an overnight booking queen.  It's all about baby steps.  Baby steps getting into those rooms.  Baby steps getting comfortable in those rooms.  Baby steps of consistency.  Which leads to the long game and sustaining.  Honestly, it's JUST like going to the gym.  

About 2.5 months ago I...

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Unpopular opinion

audition audition season Jan 27, 2020

Unpopular opinion:  I LOVE 8 BARS at a chorus call!!!

Why?  Because I do what everyone doesn't and I really think that's the reason I get so many callbacks from them. I challenge you to sit outside the room next time there is an 8 bar situation.  You'll hear money note after money note after money note.  When you're sitting behind the table (or outside the door) you go numb after a while because it all starts to sound the same.

What works swimmingly for me is what I call, "be the sorbet".  Sing a small musical range and a decent acting range. Be grounded AF and just kill them with your story telling.  I LEGIT just did a few chorus calls where my song was a range of 5 low range notes.... call back every time.

Go be sorbet.  It's the refreshing thing to do!

Coach MelRob

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