Back To School with Audition Rep Match!

Back to School!  

Or in Regional Theatre we call it - Back to Audition Season!

This month is all about getting back into the swing of auditioning after a fantastic summer!

Come join us September 9th through the 11th where Audition Rep Matchmaker - Sara Glancy is taking over The Biz of Shows Instagram to talk about how auditioning is not a one-size fits all process.

Sara Glancy, owner of Audition Rep Matchmaker, is a working actor and professional audition rep coach. She helps pair actors with the kinds of songs and monologues that will cut through the noise and book them work. She’s enjoyed partnerships with many other wonderful programs around the city including but not limited to Backstage University, Broadway Voicebox, Actor Therapy with Ryan Scott Oliver & Lindsay Mendez, and The Biz of Show. Because she conducts all her classes and coachings virtually, she’s able to work with clients all over the world, regardless of geography.


and now....


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Actor Parents

Actor Parents!

Actors.  Who are parents.  It's possible.  It's real and we are going to make a DEEP DIVE into that world on our Instagram.

Enter Joanne Javien.  Who is a working actor, mother, diversity advocate and all around kick ass human being.  She and her husband Chad (who is also an actor) are parents to Baby Kai.  They live in Astoria, NY and find a beautiful balance of being a human, parent and actor.  Right now Joanne is playing Donna in Mamma Mia! at at Cape Fear Regional Theatre!

Joanne is taking over The Biz of Shows Instagram August 21-24, 2019 to talk all about being an actor AND a parent.  She and Coach MelRob met in 2005 while working at the Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach, FL and immediately became close friends.  

Joannes personal mission is, "My hope is that Filipino kids, like I was, who see me onstage, know there is a place for you here. That your voice will be heard and our stories will be...

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The week of 8/11 is going got be LIT.

finance giveaway instagram Aug 08, 2019

Last night I had a FABULOUS dream where I gave away 5 FREE 50 minute sessions via Instagram and people were SO THRILLED about it.  It was incredible how pumped people were about their finances and how exited they were for the upcoming fall audition season.  From this dream, I woke up in a BUZZ of excited energy and even before my coffee touched my lips I KNEW I had to make that a reality.  In my opinion everyone should be excited for audition season and ready to GO!  So that's EXACTLY what we are doing the week of 8/12 on our Instagram!

Every week day starting Monday, 8/12 we will be giving away a FREE 50 minute session via our Instagram in various forms. So go get those FREE sessions!  

But wait.... also... theres MORE!

Sunday, 8/11 Michelle Dyer, Collin O'Connor and I will be doing an Instagram LIVE on finances and talking about the upcoming Financial Summit for Actors 2019!  

Let's all band together talk BEYOND surviving.  Let's THRIVE!

See you...

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Relationships and travel

Coach MelRob has 6 OPEN slots for private coaching.  Sign up for a FREE 15 min to see if The Biz of Show is for YOU!


Now back to our regularly scheduled program...


Traveling is hard.  Traveling and maintaining relationships can also be hard. This month on our Instagram we will be exploring exactly that.  

Being on the road is all I know.  I remember coming home when we were on a break from the circus to my grandparents house.  I knew they were this voice at the other end of the phone... but seeing them in PERSON was another thing... I wasn't sure what to make of these strangers that I knew so well....

My husband and I met when I was 19 on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.  We dated on and off for almost a decade and then chose that we should be grown ups, admit we like each other and try out a real relationship in 2008.  From the day we met in 2001 we were constantly traveling and it typically wasn't together.  Now, after 6 years...

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Financial Summit for Actors 2019

Michelle Dyer, Collin O’Connor and MelRob have a passion for 3 of the same things.

1) finances for actors
2) building community
3) ridding the starving artist mindset. 

The 3 of us came together to host the Finance Summit for Actors.

This summit has 2 options:

The in person option is held on Monday, September 16th, 2PM at a studio in midtown.

Sign up NOW!

The summit will offer a financial portal where you can nab all the FREE giveaways that go with the summit.  Days after the summit a recorded version of the summit will be posted in that portal.  While the summit is being recorded we will not record any humans that are attending the event.  We want humans to come in vulnerable and feel safe, so the Q&A portion of the event will NOT be recorded.

We are charging $10 for the event because we want to make sure you show up!  We are putting in our excitement and soul into this and...

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Let me guess.  You just broke into a cold sweat and your anxiety just peaked.  You want to scream, meltdown and close this tab.

STOP. We got this.

Let me introduce the awesome Collin O'Conor AKA The Not So Starving Artist who's taking over The Biz of Shows Instagram July 2nd - 7th to talk all things FINANCES in a way everyone can understand.  Lets turn your fear into DOLLARS with his GIVEAWAY (details below). 

Collin is an NYC based actor who created The Not So Starving Artist after seeing a lack of financial education in the artist community. After pursuing his own financial journey, this badass was able to pay his union initiation fee within a few months and knew he was onto something that needed to be shared. He wished for a second opinion and a sense of community when he started investing and hopes to provide that for others in the future. You’ll be able to budget, invest, and grow your money according to your comfort level!

and now....


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Find The Fun with Tara Tags!

Meet Tara Tag the Coach, (Communities: Wander Women (women’s circle monthly gatherings) BYOSong (a happy hour style song class for pro actors to wine and shine their rep)) who's taking over The Biz of Shows Instagram June 17th - 22nd where she will be telling YOU how she finds in the fun.

Tara Tagliaferro is a globetrotting AEA actor, community blazer, and fairie godmomma style coach for the songs in your book and the soul in your body. A Jersey Italian with her 1st theatrical home base in Philadelphia, Tara is now a Queens newlywed performing Off Broadway in the critically acclaimed immersive children’s theatre experience PIP’S ISLAND (think Willy Wonka meets mini Jedis meets Neverland landscape meets kid appropriate SLEEP NO MORE!), hosting women’s circles with her sisterhood the Wander Women, and raising plastic wine glasses in BYOSong, a happy hour style rep prep space with her partner on the keys Owen Pelesh. Tara actively works to...

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Find The Fun!

It's June.  Audition season is over.  Many of us, myself included, are burnt out.  So lets give ourselves the gift of putting down the biz and finding the fun in life again.



Find The Fun is a 4 day retreat built just for you.

"Business should be fun.  Without fun, peoples are left wearing emotional raincoats most of their working lives.  Building fun into business is vital; it brings life into our daily being.  Fun is a powerful motive for most of our activities and should be a direct path of our livelihood.  We should not relegate it to something we buy after work with money we earn." - Michael Phillips

"Without deviation, progress is not possible." - Frank Zappa

Find The Fun with The Biz of Show.  This retreat is broken into 4 primary parts:

  • Permission to be
  • Let go
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Organize your space

Ideally this retreat was designed to be done over 4 days.  Now, we know it's...

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No more shame AND a GIVEAWAY!

This month The Biz of Show is all about taking the shame OUT of parallel careers and income.  (Especially on our Instagram!)

Lets take a moment to check out a few student successes that have EVERYTHING to do with healthy parallel careers, incomes and mindset.

  • Student has upped their parallel careers and they have paid down almost $5,000 and have paid off medical bills in about 6 months.
  • Student has 2 grand in savings from their parallel career.  This is a first for them, and NOT the last!
  • Student upped their parallel career game and got a new client!
  • Student bought a car outright from their cruise ship savings.
  • Student had their last temping shift and job before moving to Orlando to work at DisneyWorld!

We would love to have you join us in these successes!  Try and FREE 15 minute session with Coach MelRob.

These sort of awesome things are available to EVERYONE who's willing to let go of the shame and run straight into the empowerment parallel careers and income...

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No more shame.

This month The Biz of Show is taking the shame OUT of parallel income for Actors.  Let's get real.  We ALL have parallel income streams.  YET we all have the shame of it.  We all DO the shame game.  If we all have it, why are we shaming ourselves about it and dragging ass feeling "less than".  NO.MORE.

We all NEED money to live our best lives as an actor; to pay our bills, take the classes, AND the vacations.  There is everything RIGHT about a vacation or a coffee out with a friend.  It keeps us sane, restored and well rounded.  So starting NOW we as a community are saying: NO MORE with the shame of parallel income or careers.

There is everything RIGHT about making money, liking money and speeding your money on what's important to you.  You need it.  You can't survive without money.  So just own that, live in that truth and watch your mental and physical health, career, mindset, confidence and bank account soar.


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