it's been a while....

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2022

Oh hi.

It's been a while since we chatted.  I hope this email finds in you an OK spot.

The main reason I have been totally MIA is it feels REALLY WRONG right now to be all over the socials screaming about the amazing wins of clients and "coach with me" content with world being where we are in this moment.

So I slowed down and listened to what was needed for me, that was getting quiet and listening.  In that I am hearing and feeling that many of us are frustrated with "my life isn't my life...." and it hasn't been for 3 years now.  It's been the topic of every friend and colleague conversation of recent and it's welcome.  It feels good to get that out there and just admit that right now..... sucks for a lot of us.

By sitting in that and sorting through what we NEED in this moment folks are having some really awesome discoveries about themselves, the times we are in and finding new horizons.  It doesn't mean give up anything, but what can you add in RIGHT...

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What are you working for?

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2022

"What are you working for?" - my acting teacher
"What are you working for?" - any running coach on the Nike Run Club app.
"What are you working for?" - myself on the daily

Is what you are asking for, what you want and what you are working towards the same thing?  Is there alignment there?  Are you SAYING and DOING what YOU actually want?  Let's start doing that.  TODAY.


We ALL KNOW in todays world our lives are insane and wildly unstable/unpredictable in so many ways.  I have found what keeps me sane is to keep working on things.  Sure, call them goals, but the real “goal” is to just keep growing.  This winter it was all about becoming the best skier I could be.  And that was it, that was the ENTIRE GOAL.  In that process I had the BEST time learning and it really helped with the seasonal depression.  Like, honestly, this was one of the best winters of my life!!!  And I didn't plan it on happening that way,...

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Uncategorized Jul 07, 2022


So..... this is a question that I get A LOOOOOT.  

“Did you see all those sides for that theatre audition?” Yes, that’s been the normal for folks with agents for years.  Welcome to their normal.  

When you EPA and ECC, which means many many auditions in a week, you simply CAN’T do amazing work when you’re learning new material for every singe audition.  So choose wisely and give the very best work you can.


We do have a few slots open and these are going to go pretty quickly. So if you were thinking about joining The Biz of Show, please LMK ASAP!


Choose wisely!  Rooting for you!
Coach MelRob


See you on insta! 

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this is uncomfortable but NEEDS to be said.

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2022

Look.  This is not a comfortable conversation but it NEEDS to happen.

Folks who are LGBTQ - this is specifically for you.  

It's time to shore up your life.  SCOTUS is out of control and taking rights from folks, we know this.  So get your stuff together NOW.  If you are in a relationship where you share finances or are married, go to a lawyer - NOW - and get all the paperwork needed to make sure that your financial situations and housing are legally protected.  We all know the horror stories of the AIDS crisis and how some families acted horrifically when tragedy struck and we need to learn from that history and protect each other.

I can tell you from personal experience folks lose their god damn minds.  While we HOPE that tragedy doesn't strike, lets just shore everything up and be ready for it, in case it does.  

There ARE ways to protect your finances, housing, business and other shared interests.  So go do the hard and...

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Thank you. No.

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2022

Recently I got a job offer.  It was a fun one night event that was an easy get.  BUT..... it would mean getting home from our family working vacation (yes, we will both go somewhere for work, work but also vacation...), running a race that I already paid for in the AM and then walking into a full day rehearsal and performance that same night...  

There is another layer to this.  My husband and I haven't spent much time together AT ALL this year and while we would be getting home from a working vacation.... that ONE DAY gig eats up the day before my husband leaves for the foreseeable future again....  So we talked about it and the answer to that gig was an easy "Thank you. No."

Sure, the extra money would have been nice but honestly.... right now it's more about spending time with my chosen human over a show biz career thing... and THAT'S OK.  So what am I saying here?  Do the thing that makes YOU happy.  Spending a day adventuring with my...

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the day job that gives you freedom for auditions?

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2022

“I’m looking for a job that gives me the freedom to audition.” is something I hear a lot.  When I hear this I immediately think this person has a scarcity and fear based mindset.  


Why?  Because those dreamy days of working part time -ish and making your bills are gone, especially in a high cost of living world.  


Here is the deal, you name the full time parallel career and it’s very likely I have had a client or colleague that’s done it.  


9-5 office work

10-6 retail 

waiting tables 

customer service 


Those who want to find the auditions and make it to the auditions do exactly that.  It’s not the DAY JOB that gives you the freedom to audition, it’s the mindset and more importantly, the MONEY you make from a good paying job.  So go get that well paying job that give you the freedom.  We all  deserve good paying jobs after the hell that’s been...

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need income?

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2022

RIGHT NOW we have connections at 2 temp firms for jobs.  

Need a job?! Email me ASAP and I'll connect you!  At The Biz of Show we are all about financial stability and FIERCE parallel income streams!


What a FAB week!  I'm still in NYC and took my first in person ballet class since the pandemi and had the time of my life!  Still totally high from that class and can't wait to go back!


There is a weird magic thing where when a client draws a boundary (AKA QUITS) with a toxic parallel career income stream/job, another opportunity that's in their goals steps into the picture.  And this has happened with 2 particular clients this week.  One made room and booked their dream show biz job and the other found a few (A FEW!!!!!) new clients for their growing personal business.  It's been VERY exciting to see.  To that, that same client is finding a new love with the show biz and shedding years of resentment.  Looking UP and OUT is a...

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I spoke too soon...

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2022


So I spoke too soon in my last blog.... but first....


I'm working on a few NEW and AFFORDABLE ideas for the summer and fall.  What struggle are you having right now with the biz? What do you need help with?  Please reply to this email and TYSM.


OK.... now about my big freaking mouth.  A few days ago I emailed about a client who got their dream job in the city and committed to living their best summer NYC life.Well.... a few months ago, then they started with The Biz of Show they set a goal for an awesome dream performing job.  Well.... they booked it.  They booked the job with a major casting director in NYC and are traveling the world while performing. So.... they booked.

This week another client finally committed to taking a few months off and backpacking the world with the love of their lives.  They had mad guilt about going off grid because they feel like they had made a lot of progress they didn't want to...

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living the dream

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2022


Right now a few clients aren't working for the summer.  Two in particular do BIG chorus musicals and right now... there isn't a lot of that going on because we are still in a pandemic.  So what are they doing instead?  Living their best life. 

The two are both working their dream parallel careers and enjoying life.  One is taking ALL (and I mean ALL) of the vacations, all over the world (including the Isle of Skye!  SWOON!).  And the other is living their best NYC summer with a ton of plans including the Bryant Park Monday night movies.  

How are these folks managing it?  1) They are working on or have achieved financial stability. 2) They want to live their best damn life and fulfill other dreams BEYOND show biz.  And that's amazing.  And beautiful.  BRAVA!

Simply put, it's folks like this that we are attracted to.  It's folks who live ALL their dreams are the ones we see on the socials (eye roll here... but...

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Uncategorized Jun 03, 2022

The old saying "audition for EVERYTHING" is SO DATED and scarcity mindset.  

What if......

WHAT IF..... you ONLY submitted for the things you REALLY want and REALLY align with?!

I'm giving you permission to do JUST THAT.

You don’t have to participate in areas that don’t work for you in show biz.  For example there have been many audition notices recently that I have come across that are shows I’m totally right for but….. don’t really have the FIRE for it when I see in the breakdown…. so…. I don’t submit.  YOU have the control.  YOU can submit for things you WANT over things you *should*.  WE HAVE THE POWER.  And Kat CLEARLY found their power!


Slots for clients are NOW OPEN!


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