this is uncomfortable but NEEDS to be said.

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2022

Look.  This is not a comfortable conversation but it NEEDS to happen.

Folks who are LGBTQ - this is specifically for you.  

It's time to shore up your life.  SCOTUS is out of control and taking rights from folks, we know this.  So get your stuff together NOW.  If you are in a relationship where you share finances or are married, go to a lawyer - NOW - and get all the paperwork needed to make sure that your financial situations and housing are legally protected.  We all know the horror stories of the AIDS crisis and how some families acted horrifically when tragedy struck and we need to learn from that history and protect each other.

I can tell you from personal experience folks lose their god damn minds.  While we HOPE that tragedy doesn't strike, lets just shore everything up and be ready for it, in case it does.  

There ARE ways to protect your finances, housing, business and other shared interests.  So go do the hard and uncomfortable thing and shore things up to make sure you and your partner is protected financially.  Find a trusted lawyer and have the conversation.  YES this WILL cost you money and it's money WELL SPENT.

As you all know financial stability is a core value of The Biz of Show and I just want EVERYONE to be stable and protected.

Thank you for your time on this VERY important matter and PLEASE fwd this message to ANYONE who needs it.

With MUCH solidarity,
Coach MelRob


PS One on one coaching slots are almost full. So LMK ASAP.

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