it's been a while....

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2022

Oh hi.

It's been a while since we chatted.  I hope this email finds in you an OK spot.

The main reason I have been totally MIA is it feels REALLY WRONG right now to be all over the socials screaming about the amazing wins of clients and "coach with me" content with world being where we are in this moment.

So I slowed down and listened to what was needed for me, that was getting quiet and listening.  In that I am hearing and feeling that many of us are frustrated with "my life isn't my life...." and it hasn't been for 3 years now.  It's been the topic of every friend and colleague conversation of recent and it's welcome.  It feels good to get that out there and just admit that right now..... sucks for a lot of us.

By sitting in that and sorting through what we NEED in this moment folks are having some really awesome discoveries about themselves, the times we are in and finding new horizons.  It doesn't mean give up anything, but what can you add in RIGHT NOW that will just make you feel a smidge better.  Yesterday it was a trail run through the forest and I'll tell you I came out of there high as a kite on life.  It was really remarkable actually.... who knew that one tiny thing could make a massive shit going into a new week.

Here if your permissions slip - get quiet, listen and go find a new horizon.

Rooting for you,
Coach MelRob


PS We are currently full of coaching slots and have a wait list that's likely going to open up in October. Please email me to get on that wait list!

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