Thank you. No.

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2022

Recently I got a job offer.  It was a fun one night event that was an easy get.  BUT..... it would mean getting home from our family working vacation (yes, we will both go somewhere for work, work but also vacation...), running a race that I already paid for in the AM and then walking into a full day rehearsal and performance that same night...  

There is another layer to this.  My husband and I haven't spent much time together AT ALL this year and while we would be getting home from a working vacation.... that ONE DAY gig eats up the day before my husband leaves for the foreseeable future again....  So we talked about it and the answer to that gig was an easy "Thank you. No."

Sure, the extra money would have been nice but honestly.... right now it's more about spending time with my chosen human over a show biz career thing... and THAT'S OK.  So what am I saying here?  Do the thing that makes YOU happy.  Spending a day adventuring with my family is how I want to spend the few hours we have together out of this year.

Go get it.
Coach MelRob

PS We have slots open for one on one clients who want to get more callbacks and book more work!  Lets go!


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