the day job that gives you freedom for auditions?

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2022

“I’m looking for a job that gives me the freedom to audition.” is something I hear a lot.  When I hear this I immediately think this person has a scarcity and fear based mindset.  


Why?  Because those dreamy days of working part time -ish and making your bills are gone, especially in a high cost of living world.  


Here is the deal, you name the full time parallel career and it’s very likely I have had a client or colleague that’s done it.  


💸 9-5 office work

💸 10-6 retail 

💸 waiting tables 

💸 customer service 


Those who want to find the auditions and make it to the auditions do exactly that.  It’s not the DAY JOB that gives you the freedom to audition, it’s the mindset and more importantly, the MONEY you make from a good paying job.  So go get that well paying job that give you the freedom.  We all  deserve good paying jobs after the hell that’s been the last 2 years.  Go make that money and find your freedom.  Rooting for you.


We still have slots open for one on one coaching!  Lets get you financially stable!


Here if you need help with this!  

We work with a temp agency!

💜 Coach MelRob

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