What are you working for?

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2022

"What are you working for?" - my acting teacher
"What are you working for?" - any running coach on the Nike Run Club app.
"What are you working for?" - myself on the daily

Is what you are asking for, what you want and what you are working towards the same thing?  Is there alignment there?  Are you SAYING and DOING what YOU actually want?  Let's start doing that.  TODAY.


We ALL KNOW in todays world our lives are insane and wildly unstable/unpredictable in so many ways.  I have found what keeps me sane is to keep working on things.  Sure, call them goals, but the real “goal” is to just keep growing.  This winter it was all about becoming the best skier ⛷ I could be.  And that was it, that was the ENTIRE GOAL.  🎿 In that process I had the BEST time learning and it really helped with the seasonal depression.  Like, honestly, this was one of the best winters of my life!!!  And I didn't plan it on happening that way, but it turned out that way!


This spring it’s about getting back to running races 🥇🥈🥉 (just placed 2nd in my age group at my first race of the season!) and staying in acting class 🎭.  In class the focus is to keep removing the tension and trusting this new process I have found that allows me to work more efficiently and deeper in ways I ever thought possible.  Those are things I can control, and that brings me a lot of sanity.  So… what are you working towards?

How can I help you in finding what you're working towards and making a plan to set you up for the ultimate success?  Who knows, you may unexpectedly have the best spring of summer of your life l found!


IMPORTANT: I have a few slots open RIGHT NOW.  For the month of May we will have a wait list because I booked a theatre job!  Lets get you booking more work too!


Much gratitude,
Coach MelRob

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