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Hi!  I'm MelRob

I grew up in the circus and have been a professional union actor since 2000.  Starting at the age of 10 I was negotiating my own contract and booking work without representation.  I have helped hundreds of actors get more callbacks, book more work and negotiate their own contracts.  I have taught at various universities and would love to help you book more work!

I Have Your Back

Few folks teach the biz side of the industry.  In the circus it's passed down from generation to generation and I'm happy to teach you the ways.

Actionable Easy Steps

There is no magic pill.  But there IS a way to take easy, actionable steps to achieve what you want and that's EXACTLY what we do!


I have worked and I have students who have worked all over the world in various mediums and types of work.  Been teaching one on one and at universities for over a decade.


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