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You have the talent, learn what to do with it.


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Hi!  I'm MelRob

I grew up in the circus and have been a professional union actor since 2000.  Starting at the age of 10 I was negotiating my own contract and booking work without representation.  I have helped hundreds of actors get more callbacks, book more work and negotiate their own contracts.  I have taught at various universities and would love to help you book more work!

The Program

You have the talent, learn what to do with it.

It’s no secret that COVID changed the world, worker and the theatre industry.  

In the last year almost every client of The Biz of Show has become financially stable, has increased callbacks, and booked at least 1 job by the end of the program.  

Clients have booked since COVID (mostly from self tapes):

  • principal and chorus contracts in union national tours 
  • principal and chorus contracts in union regional theatre
  • principal contracts in union off broadway shows
  • guest star contracts in union primetime TV shows
  • national commercials on a union contract
  • theme park shows
  • voice over work
  • and much, much more.

Right now The Program is offering a sliding scale rate due to the COVID 19 pandemic. 
Inquire for prices.


It's more of a lifestyle change than anything else. It teaches you to stop thinking with your heart and to think with your brain. This is a business after all!

The Program is:
12 sessions in 24 weeks time.  We cover how to get everything together for you to become a working actor.  We meet every other week via Zoom, according to your schedule. All sessions are done in strict confidence.

What we work on:
The realities of booking work through the audition system in todays COVID world, find where you fit into the biz, what tools need to be sharp for longevity in the biz, where the holes are in your package and how to fill them,  time and money management, marketing skills, negotiate a contract, uncover the myths of representation and much more!  ALL of the homework is on YOU!

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