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Enjoy this FREE audition workbook from The Biz of Show!

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12 monthly payments of $20.00 USD

Start feeling GOOD about your acting career! What it is: An affordable yet effective way to keep up with your train...

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The Program

$120.00 USD

YOU HAVE THE TALENT,LEARN WHAT TO DO WITH IT. Learn to take control and have a career. Every student has increased c...

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Screw The System Online Master Class and Workbook

$30.00 USD

Learn how to book your own work WITHOUT an agent or manager! This class will give you the skills you need to get more...

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Show Me The Money Online Master Class and Workbook

$40.00 USD

Show me the money empowers students to ask for more money in their contracts with a focus on reading and negotiating ...

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Financial Hacking Online Master Class

$20.00 USD

The Biz of Show team will give you tips for finding the right day job, budgeting, and tricks for free/cheap ways to i...

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Financial Summit for Actors 2019

$10.00 USD

Michelle Dyer, Collin O’Connor and MelRob have a passion for 3 of the same things. 1) finances for actors 2) b...

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21 Day Screw The System Challenge!

$150.00 USD

This 21 Day Screw The System Audition Challenge will help you: Find your inner bad ass in the audition room Get m...

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